Pulsecom Access Modules

Each Pulsecom Access Module  is self-contained and functionally optimized for service. There are no systems or common cards or software to stock, install and turn-up.  Everything is accomplished in stand-alone, all-in-one Modules.  As needs grow, simply replace or add Modules.  Pulsecom's patented "Optionless SONET" eliminates the need for OC3/OC48 provisioning making TDM or IP turn-up fast and simple.  Since SONET Modules are true SONET, the network side of the fiber link can be integrated directly into a SONET mux.  Ethernet Modules like the EOE can be connected directly to network-side Ethernet switches.  Pulsecom Modules use hardened SFP optics and support a full selection of single fiber, CWDM and 1310/1550nm transceivers which are easily changed to improve facility utilization.  

For DS1 Services: 
O3-4D1B , O3-12D1i
 and O3-12D1D

The O3-4D1B , O3-12D1i and O3-12D1D modules provide 4 DS1s or 12 DS1s with embedded lightning protection over a standard, SONET compliant OC3 fiber pair.  These modules can be powered by +/-24VDC, typical at cell sites, or standard -48VDC.  Span powering or AC powering are additional options. 

For DS3 Services:  O3D3-MO and O3-3D3D

Similar to the O3-xxD1 modules, the O3D3-MO and O3-3D3D are stand alone modules that provide a single DS3 (O3D3-MO) or three DS3s (O3-3D3D). 

For Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Services:  OE and G2HC 

The OE provides a single 10/100BT interface over a standard, SONET compliant OC3 fiber pair.  The G2HC provides two gigabit Ethernet ports over a standard, SONET compliant OC48 link.

For datasheets click on the model names.


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