Power Options

Flexibility means lower costs.  Pulsecom's Solutions for Cell Site Fiber Services maximize your options:

24VDC - Most Pulsecom Access Modules may be powered directly from the 24V source available from the Cellular Service provider.

-48VDC - Power any of the Pulsecom Access Modules directly from a -48V source.

120VAC - Use the Wall-Mount Power Supply (2100-0300) - a 48Vdc, 0.5A economical, compact power source ideal for Pulsecom's CPE and rack mountings or other light-duty telephone applications.

Span Power - Span powering is simple and extremely cost efficient since there are no batteries, chargers or rectifiers to install and maintain.  The SP-CO and SP-RT are Type 400 mechanics and may be installed in the same housing as the Pulsecom Access Modules.

Power Node/6A - Pulsecom's Outside Plant building block delivers -48Vdc in a small, rugged, cost-effective cabinet -- perfect for powering  equipment in remote locations where DC power is not readily available.

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