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Cell Site Fiber Services 

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The Pulsecom Advantage:

INEXPENSIVE - "The first system designed for medium to small sites"

  • Pulsecom Access Modules can plug into many existing T1 Smart Jack mountings to eliminate the cost of new cabinets and shelves.
  • Self-contained design eliminates the cost of common cards and software.
  • Powering via Cellular Service Providers' 24V supply eliminates batteries and rectifiers.


FAST - "We had service up so quickly, even our customer was impressed."

  • Multiple mounting options for inside suite, inside existing RT cabinet or small pole/wall mount cabinets eliminate delays associated with pouring pads and arranging for cabinet placement
  • Patent-pending Optionless SONET allows turn-up within seconds after making cable connections.
  • DS3 over four outside plant pairs boost bandwidth until fiber is available.

PROVEN - The Industry's #1 Choice

  • Over 7500 Pulsecom SONET muxes are delivering cell site fiber service today.
  • Standard SONET interfaces allow use of standard testing procedures and test equipment and allow extensions directly off of a SONET mux.

FLEXIBLE - "Every Cell Site is different"

  • 24V, -48V, 120V, or span power
  • Existing cabinets, Indoor enclosures, or new OSP cabinets
  • SIngle fiber, 1310nm, CWDM or multimode fiber
  • Bookended or OC3 Integrated with existing SONET muxes


FUTURE PROOF - Risk free migration to higher speeds and services

  • Plug and play upgrade from a few DS1s to DS3 to Ethernet to multiple GigEs

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