"Where can I put my equipment?"

Because Pulsecom's self-contained modules use industry standard mechanics,
 they may be installed in existing Type 200/400 or Smart Jack shelves.
Or use one of Pulsecom's housings for the central office,
customer premise, existing remote cabinets
or outdoor installations.
Pulsecom gives you solutions for virtually any location.

Central Office Rack Mountings:
2O3D3-19A  Two slot mounting for 19 or 23" racks Datasheet

Customer Premise Mountings:
CPL2C   Three slot wall mounting with swing out chassis for ease of access

3O3D3-CPL2C  Three slot, locking enclosure with customer accessible demarcation points.  Includes the same swing out chassis as the CPL2C for ease of access. Datasheet

2O3D3-RT  Two slot  wall or rack mounting for indoor applicaitons. 


Remote Cabinet Mountings:

O3D3-RT  Single slot mounting with integral fan. Datasheet
2O3D3-RT307  Two slot mounting for use in Avaya 307 Protector Block

Outside Plant Cabinets:

SITE HUB and TDM/IP DEMARC System Centralized cabinet for TDM and IP electronics that is connected to passive satellite demarcation enclosures for each wireless carrier. Details

CP528 with CSSI 
Eight slot, pole mount, OSP cabinet with accessible DS1, DS3 and/or GigE demarcation points. (The CSSI may be purchase separately to upgrade existing Westell CP528 cabinets).

EXPRESS-RH Cabinet optimized for DS3-EXPRESS applications.  Houses up to two DS3-EXPRESS modules and two span powering modules.

CP528 with CSSI

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