Point-to-Point Campus Audio Transmission

20Hz to 15kHz crystal clear audio over up to 3 miles of telephone wire. The optimum way to provide audio with superior fidelity to:

  • Classrooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Stadiums
  • Conference rooms
  • Emergency sites
  • Airports
  • Shopping Malls
  • Theaters
  • News Venues

Studio to Transmitter (STL) Links

This is a primary PCAU application. Not only will the PCAU preserve the quality of broadcast signals, its interface is designed to withstand the type of lightning strikes experienced by aerial phone wires (in conjunction with standard telco carbon block or gas tube protectors used at a building entrance). What’s that mean? The PCAU has been certified to operate properly after being exposed to the following surges:

Surge Current

Surge Voltage

Number of Repetitions

100 Amps

1,000 Volts


500 Amps

2,500 Volts


Engineers will be quick to recognize that these high-current surges are far more severe than static electricity shocks or other modest transients. PCAU protection is designed to work with outside plant cable that’s exposed to lightning.

The PCAU has also been certified to operate properly in the presence of significant electric fields between 10 kHz and 10 GHz in accordance with Telcordia standard GR-1089-CORE. And, for worse case scenarios, the PCAU has also been certified to continue to operate properly during a Zone 4 seismic event (equivalent to a significant West Coast earthquake). The tests simulate actual earthquakes and include accelerations of up to 5 g’s (at 2Hz to 5Hz) in all three directions for approximately 30 seconds each.

Program Audio over Digital Loop Carrier Systems

Before the PCAU was available, telco Program Audio Services required special equipment that was only compatible with “D4 channel banks” located in phone company buildings or at end-user sites. Copper or optical Digital Loop Carrier (DLC) systems (often housed within phone company huts or outdoor cabinets) were incompatible with this Program Audio equipment, so users connected to the public network by DLCs generally could not subscribe to economical telco audio service.

The PCAU is different. It’s designed to communicate with D4 channel banks and network standard “U-Interface Line Cards” used in all generations of Digital Loop Carrier systems.

Program Audio Extensions over Long Copper Loops

Because the PCAU is compatible with U-Interface Line Cards as described above, U-interface extension equipment can be used to extend PCAU reach to nearly 6 miles over standard telephone wire.

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