DS3 Express Applications

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DS3 Access: The Solution
DS3 without the cost of Fiber


  • Single Type 400 circuit pack that provides the interface between four twisted pairs and one conventional DS3 circuit Adapts automatically to OSP pair tip/ring reversals
  • Integral DS3 network interface unit (NIU)
  • Climate-hardened for unrestricted deployment in OSP cabinets
  • 10W power consumption
  • Service reach up to 3.2 kFt (or 5.5 kFt with a repeater) with 450 Ft of coax at each end
  • Simple provisioning of DS3 length with a front-panel line build-out (LBO) switch
  • Extensive DS3 loopback capabilities
      • Remote FEAC NIU loopback
      • Remote FEAC Line loopback
      • Front-panel Local loopback
      • Craft Port Local or Remote loopback
  • Optimized for RT installation
      • Front-panel BNC DS3 connectors
      • Front-panel RJ-45 facility interface connectors (4 OSP pairs)
      • Low power consumption, wide temperature range
  • LEDs provide an immediate indication of unit status
      • Unit
      • DS3
      • OSP pairs 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Craft port and TL-1 RS-232 interfaces
  • GR-820-CORE DS3 performance monitoring (PM)
  • Simple plug-and-play installation and use

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  • Simple twisted pair transport of DS3 circuits
      • 4 twisted pairs (OSP or intra-building)
      • Service reach: 3.2 kFt (2.3kFt over twisted pairs, 2 x 450 Ft coax)
      • Repeater capability extends reach to 5.5 kFt
      • Available 1:1 hardware and facility switch-to-protect
      • Integral DS3 NIU plus TL1 network access
      • CO, OSP and locking CPE mountings
      • Remote Span Powering capable
  • Fast Re-deployment
    • Moves
    • Disconnects

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Extending Service

Extending DS3 Service to Copper Fed Cell Sites

Extending DSL Service to Copper Fed RTs

Providing DS3 Service from a NGDLC

Providing Remotely - Powered DS3 Service from a NGDLC

Providing DS3 Service from a CO

Providing Remotely - Powered DS3 Service from a CO

Campus or Building DS3 Extensions
Providing DS3 Service from a CO

Extending Video throughout a School, Military or Business Site

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DS3 Express PM

Performance Management

  • PM parameters accumulated over 15-minute and 1-day periods
  • History available at 15-minute periods for the last 24 hours and 1-day periods for the last 7 days

The following performance data is collected for the DS3 interfaces:

  • Failure counter
  • Protection switching counter (for the regular DS3 interface only)
  • Code violations–line (for the regular DS3 interface only)
  • Errored seconds–line
  • Severely errored seconds–line
  • Loss of signal seconds–line
  • Code violations P-parity–path
  • Code violations CP-parity–path
  • Errored seconds P-parity–path
  • Errored seconds CP-parity–path
  • Severely errored seconds P-parity–path
  • Severely errored seconds CP-parity–path

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  • Unavailable seconds P-parity–path
  • Unavailable seconds CP-parity–path
  • Alarm indication signal seconds–path
  • Severely errored frame/alarm indication signal seconds P parity–path

The following performance data is collected for the OSP interfaces:

  • Errored seconds
  • Severely errored seconds
  • Loss of signal seconds
  • Failure counter
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