Today, 10% of Buildings are Served by Fiber.
Imagine Extending DS3 to the Other 90%

 You don't have to imagine any more...

Last Mile DS3 by Pulsecom
45Mb GR-499 DS3 Over 4 Twisted Pairs

Optimum 4-pair Reach -- Lower First Cost, Lower Operating Cost.
  • Fast: The DS3 Express eliminates fiber trenching, roof-top leases and complicated intra-building wiring.
  • Secure: Avoids stranding an investment in new DS3 access after a disconnect.
  • Fiber Ready: Unplug a DS3 Express, plug an O3D3 (SONET OC3 fiber to DS3) or G2 (SONET OC48 to two GigEs) in the same mounting slot.
  • Miniature: Fits in the smallest of telephone closets or cabinets -- just 1.5" x 7" x 7.5".
  • Remote Power: Eliminate local power and battery costs with Pulsecom Span Power units.
  • Simple: Plug-and-play.
  • Comprehensive: Integral DS3 performance monitoring, available 1:1 protection.

To learn more, see DS3-Express Application
or visit our Customer Gateway for product manuals and individual practices for the DS3 Express units.


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