Cell site lightning protection

  • Upgrade copper T1 and HDSL links to fiber to help assure uninterrupted service during lightning storms
  • Low cost DS3s isolation at wireless sites
  • Low cost Gigabit Ethernet wireless upgrades

Overcome fiber exhaustion

  • Running out of fiber? Pulsecom's G2 with integral CWDM transceivers delivers 16 full rate GigEs over a pair of fibers
  • Piggy-back one or more DS3s on existing optical links
  • Deliver T1s to 8 different wireless providers over the same fiber pair

Network Copper to Fiber transition

Plug-in optical based DS3, DS1 and GigE services into the same mechanics used by T1 "Smart Jacks" and HDSL interface cards.

Add DS3 Capacity to "Filled" Remote Terminals (RTs) to Support DSL

Pulsecom makes the smallest DS1, DS3 and GigE multiplexers in the industry, and they're all available in -40oC to +65oC operating range versions

Convert Copper-fed RTs to Fiber

Inexpensive optical to DS1 transport products fit existing 3192 mechanics shelves. It's as easy as it seems.

Rollout GigE services without running out of fiber

Pulsecom's G2s deliver 16 times the capacity of standard GigE switch interfaces and add remote NID (Network Interface Device) functionality too.

Utility Data Links with High Voltage Isolation

Pulsecom optical products are certified to operate during Zone 4 seismic events, in strong electromagnet fields and over extreme temperature ranges. Combined with their self-contained architecture, they can be the best choice when dependability is at stake.

Low Cost Optical Extensions from Higher Order Multiplexers

With STS-3 and VT1.5 mapping, Pulsecom's DS1, DS3 and GigE products are designed to operate fiber-to-fiber with SONET multiplexers from other vendors to provide low cost service extensions.


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