BBF3 (Cut DDM-2000 Costs)

The BBF3 circuit pack provides a low speed interface between four asynchronous DS1 rate signals and one Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) virtual tributary group (VT-G) signal.

This unit maps a DS1 signal into a 1.728 Mb/s floating asynchronous VT1.5
signal. The four asynchronous VT1.5 signals are then interleaved to form one VT-Group signal at a rate of 6.912 Mbps. In addition to mapping a DS1 signal into an asynchronous VT1.5 signal, this unit also demaps a VT-G signal to a DS1 signal. The BBF3 receives a SONET VT-Group signal and demultiplexes it into four VT1.5 signals. The overhead and the DS1 information is extracted from the VT1.5 signal. The unit desynchronizes the DS1 signal (i.e., estracts the timing for each DS1) and encodes each DS1 signal into either AMI or B8ZS line format. The DS1 interface complies with the DSX-1 line specifications. The BBF3 unit operates in a DDM-2000 or a SLC-2000 system and is a direct replacement for the Lucent Technologies’ BBF1B or BBF3.


  • Provides performance monitoring for the VT path and DS1 path
  • EEPROM for CLEI/inventory information
  • Configurable line build out options - enables an interface up to 655 feet
  • Provides DS1 protection switching via on-board relays
  • Provides local and remote loopback for each DS1 interface
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