Are Pulsecom products really “Plug-and-Play”?


Our O3D3 (OC3 to DS3) has only one option: set the DS3 coax length to over 100 Ft. or less than 100 Ft. It’s pre-set for less than 100 Ft.

On our G2 (OC48 to two Full Rate Gigabit Ethernet ports), just set each GigE port to on or off.

Our O3-4D1 (OC3 to 4 DS1s) is ready to go too: ports are set for B8ZS and 0 to 133 Ft. of DS1 cable.

How do I configure Pulsecom units?

Units are pre-configured. Just select cable length and, for units with multiple ports (GigE or DS1 for example), whether or not each port is on or off. Certain units may have a few other options (do you want loopback, for example).

How do I load software into Pulsecom units?

There’s no software to load.

Can I look at unit performance?

Most units have a RS232 “Craft Port” that can be accessed from a PC to view performance history. No software is required.

Can I remotely see if something has failed?

Yes. You can look at the signal from the unit (the “payload”) for standard alarm indications (such as AIS signals), use the units external alarm indications as well as activate standard remote loopbacks on most products.

You should know that 9,000,000 Pulsecom circuits have been shipped to the industry and there are thousands of Pulsecom SONET-based multiplexers deployed in the public network. These are units with demonstrated first cost savings, long-term savings and proven performance.

How long does it really take to install a system?

The experience of one field installer is typical:

“I drove up to the job site, looked at my watch, got out of my truck, went inside to bolt the mounting to a rack, hooked up power, plugged in the coax and fiber, watched the lights turn green, got back in my truck and looked at my watch. It was 15 minutes later.”

Do Pulsecom units work with Multimode fiber?

Pulsecom OC3 products are designed for operation with single mode fiber, but can accommodate short lengths (under 1,000 feet) of most multimode fiber.

OC48 interfaces are single mode only.

GigE interfaces can be ordered as multimode or singlemode, but must match the type of fiber being used.

Do Pulsecom products avoid the need for special cooling or heating equipment?

Yes. Just use the recommended mountings and, if noted in the instructions, leave a small air gap around equipment. Most products are rated to operate from -40oF to +149oF

What are the optical transmit and receive levels?

The levels vary based upon the transceivers ordered. Full information on each transceiver version is available in the instruction manual (“practice”) for each product.


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