G2HC (GigE transport)

The good news:
Gigabit Ethernet, GigE, is really fast. It's great for really fast routers, remote data storage, HDTV, medical imaging, commerce and life in general.  And Ethernet is very forgiving - if a packet is lost, or corrupted,  the system automatically retransmits.

The bad news: 
While the loss of a small packet may be negligible, the loss of a 75,000 bit jumbo video packet - and subsequent retransmission - can cause significant corruption. Ethernet "lost packet" diagnostics can't tell the difference.

Back to the good news:
The G2HC uses patent-pending Facility GuardTM technology to monitor true bit error rates for levels that exceed established and trusted 10-6 criteria and takes action if circuits are compromised.  And, the G2HC acts as a GigE pipe, rather than a switch or router, to avoid latency issues that can jeopardize network performance.  Click here for more on GigE Service Assurance.

The G2HC is climate hardened and its miniature size enables deployment in existing OSP cabinets or many existing T1 or HDSL "Smart Jack" shelves.

Like 10G systems, G2HCs leverage existing fiber to eliminate the cost and delays associated with installing more optical facilities. But the G2HC and standard CWDM optics, supports up to 16 independent GigEs - double the capacity of a 10G system.  Click here for more on GigE Aggregation - A Robust Alternative to 10G Transport.

Read more:


Datasheet - reverse image for printing

Application Note - GigE Aggregation:  A Robust Alternative to 10G Transport

Application Note - GigE Service Assurance

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