O3D3 / O3-3D3 (OC3 to DS3)

Pulsecom O3D3 Family:
OC3 to DS3 Multiplexer

* Smaller
* Lower cost
* Easier to use
* Better migration to other speeds

DS3 extensions over SONET-based OC3s don't need to be complicated or expensive. Using Pulsecom's patent-pending "Optionless SONET" technology, you no longer need a PC or NMS to set up a circuit -- or a shopping list of electronic equipment to buy. As the industry's first miniaturized and fully integrated SONET multiplexer, the O3D3 rewrote the business case for proving-in carrier grade DS3 circuits. No fiber yet? Use Pulsecom's DS3 Express and regular phone wire until fiber is available, then just unplug the DS3 Express and plug in an O3D3 in the same mounting. It couldn't be easier.

But don't take our word for it. Here's what others are saying:

* "This is the simplest, easiest to use unit I have ever seen"
* "Recommend them highly"
* "I wish we had more products like this"
* "Just plug it in and it keeps on running and running and running"

In fact, there are over 6,000 O3D3s in operation, connecting businesses, schools, wireless sites and DSL hubs. Every one of those locations is ready to be expanded to 3 DS3s, upgraded to GigE or scaled back to DS1s with other Pulsecom plug-compatible units. Why worry about the future when you can just go with the flow?

And here's a final thought. Batteries may be good for electric vehicles but they're bad for your budget. That's why Pulsecom's DS1, DS3 and GigE units can be remotely powered with our Span Power units to eliminate the need for local AC power supplies and battery back-up equipment.

Datasheet  - O3D3-MO single DS3

Datasheet - O3-3D3D 3 DS3s with NIU functionality and switch-to-protect capability

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