There was a time when Optical Access was the "Next New Thing". Exotic, expensive and bulky equipment delivered breathtaking speeds to a select few.

Despite strides made over the past decade, optical transmission remains surprisingly cumbersome. Look at equipment from other vendors and you'll find the need for "Provisioning Screens" to configure systems. "Common Cards" to power and oversee system operation. "Platforms" that consist of dedicated equipment shelves. Lots of space is often still required. Lots of power is usually necessary. Lots of training and set up is often part of the package. Costs, while they've gone down, can be substantial.

And remember the homeowner's challenge of "too many remote controls" to operate VCRs and DVD players and TVs and so forth? There's the same problem with optical access platforms. Everyone has a "pizza box" or shelf for their piece of the puzzle.

Pulsecom has a better approach. Equipment based upon standard shelves that have been around for - believe it or not - decades. Each Pulsecom product is "Stand Alone" - you don't need common cards or power units or configuration units or software loads.  And when it is time to add services, simply add a Pulsecom module.  With standard 1310/1550nm wavelengths, CWDM and bidirectional single fiber SFP, even facility utilization is not a problem.

DS1 Access  - Provide DS1 access to Cell Sites and  Businesses or provide DS1 extensions across a Campus/Building

O3-4D1A - provides 4 DS1 ports over an OC3 transport.  O3-4D1A datasheet
O3-12D1 - provides 12 DS1 ports over an OC3 transport.  O3-12D1 datasheet

DS3 Access - Provide DS3 access to Cell Sites and Businesses or virtual coax extensions across a campus/building. 

O3D3-MO - provides a single DS3 port over an OC3 transport.  O3D3-MO datasheet
O3-3D3 - provides three DS3 ports over an OC3 transport.  Supports drop and continue rings.

Ethernet Access - Provide 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet service to Cell Sites or  Businesses for LAN extensions, VoIP, and dedicated internet access.

OE - provides a single 10/100Mb Ethernet port over an OC3 transport.  OE datasheet
G2HC - provides two Gigabit Ethernet ports over an OC48 transport.  Supports drop and continue rings.  G2HC datasheet

Housings - Options for central office, customer premise, existing remote cabinets, and outside installations.  Details


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