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Pulsecom Announces SFP Transceiver Reader

Pulsecom's SFP CheckTM Saves Money, Time, and SFPs

HERNDON, VIRGINIA  March 19, 2010.--- Pulsecom today announced availability of the SFP Check, the premier SFP reader and test device.

SFP transceivers have become the fiber optic interface of choice because they provide so many options in terms of range, rate, wavelength, etc., but it's almost impossible to determine these characteristics simply by looking at an SFP.In addition, SFP transceivers typically support diagnostics including measurement of transmit and receive levels.The patent-pending SFP Check provides fast and easy access to these and other operational characteristics and measurements.

The SFP Check connects to a laptop or PC via a USB connector.Simply by inserting an SFP transceiver into the SFP Check, technicians, engineers, and inventory personnel can ensure the SFP is right for the job by viewing critical wavelength, rate, range, and date code information, and validate proper operation by checking transmit and receive levels.

According to an RBOC Network Operations Manager, "As expensive as SFPs can be, not to mention the cost of an un-necessary truck roll, the SFP Check can pay for itself with one use."

"The idea for the SFP Check came from our own need to test SFPs.We have been able to better utilize the stock of SFPs in our engineering lab, accelerate qualification of new SFPs, and ensure SFP operation throughout our manufacturing process," stated Bill Soles, Pulsecom Director of Engineering.

About Pulsecom

Established in 1963, Pulsecom became a subsidiary of Hubbell Incorporated (NYSE:HUBA, HUBB) ten years later.Pulsecom designs and manufactures the SFP Check and other telecommunications access products at its 2-acre Herndon, Virginia headquarters where more than 9,000,000 Pulsecom voice and data circuits have been shipped to the public network.Pulsecom's mission is to develop products that improve service access by leveraging existing facilities, minimizing provisioning requirements, simplifying testing and troubleshooting and accelerating service delivery.

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