Power Systems Applications

Remote DSLAM Power

DSL technology vendors are producing highly refined and cost effective DSL equipment. Considering the focus necessary to achieve this goal, it’s not surprising that the power required for DSL equipment was either assumed to be available or that various existing power systems were force-fit to DSL applications. The result has been a mixture of “power solutions” that have become difficult to support because there are so many varieties and often overly expensive because of too much capacity.

Pulsecom’s Power Node offers an off the shelf alternative that’s sized for 24 to 96 line DSL systems. By using a standardized and compact approach like the Power Node, first costs are lower and longer term ownership costs are reduced.

Railroad, Highway, Utility, Mining, Industrial Communication Power

Certified to operate during Zone 4 (West Coast) earthquakes and during grass fires; sealed from wind-driven rain and equipped with a massive 40kA AC surge arrestor; fully enclosed in steel and secured with a heavy duty lock, the Power Node is not a common power system. It’s the best choice for heavy duty -48Vdc communication applications that require up to 300W.

Indoor Communication Power

The Power Node is ideal for heavy duty industrial applications as well as applications that require extra reliability and security as described above.

For lighter duty applications, Pulsecom’s 2100-0300 120Vac to -48Vdc 50W supply is a great choice. Inexpensive and yet equipped with a wall mounting bracket to keep installation sites uncluttered.

Power Systems with Long-term Battery Back Up

The Power Node offers over 300 Watt-Hours of battery reserve. For applications that demand longer batter reserve, the Power Node+ provides over 800 Watt-Hours of reserve.

Remote Powering

Pulsecom High Speed fiber and high speed copper products require very little power. As a result, they can be remotely powered by using Pulsecom’s matching Span Power units. The cost of local AC power supplies and battery back-up systems can often be eliminated. What’s the reach? You can power Pulsecom’s G2 (OC48 to GigE Multiplexer) from a power system located up to 5 miles away with Pulsecom’s Span Power units.

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