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Installation and Turn-up
Provisioning and Troubleshooting

Installation and Turn-up

I am installing equipment in a cell site and there is only 24VDC available.  I need -48VDC. How can I power up my equipment?
Use the 24-48DC Power Converter.  This power converter will take in +/-24 VDC available at the cell site and provide two -48 VDC outputs.  See more

I've exhausted my fiber and I need to turn-up service.  What options do I have?
Pulsecom's optical modules have modular transceivers.   This allows you to select standard 1310nm wavelengths or transport additional wavelengths over the same fiber using CWDM, DWDM or single fiber TX and RX technologies simply by selecting the appropriate transceiver.

I have multimode fiber running through a riser and need to extend services.  Do you support multimode fiber applications?
Yes, the O3-4D1, O3-12D1, and the O3D3-MO support either single mode or multimode fiber simply by selecting the appropriate transceiver.

I need to extend DS3 services over copper, but I need a longer reach that 2.3kft the DS3-EXPRESS units provide.  What can I do?
You can double the range by installing an EXPRESS-RH between the near-end and far-end.  This housing with its associated modules acts as a repeater so that the range of the DS3-EXPRESS is doubled.  The EXPRESS-RH can even be remotely powered using the SP-CO and SP-RT units.  

I have no access inside my customer's facility.  Is there a small outdoor system that I can use for the O3D3 or G2 modules?
The 3GME-PN can be used when AC power is available.  Another option is to use the EXPRESS-RH with the span powering units.

What type of equalizer should I use with my D4 Channel Bank?
If CO cabling is 0-220 feet, use C104890-1; 220-440 feet, use C104890-2; 440-660 feet, use C104890-3; for zero equalization, use C104890-4

The 20 Hz ringing fuse continually opens. What is wrong?
The bottom two pins on one or more of the D4 channel cards are shorted. Check for bent pins.

I have a new D4 bay installation and there is a red alarm on every PDU. The channel banks sync up and appear to function normally. What could be wrong?
The ring generator polarity is reversed. This causes the ring trip bias to be reversed, which results in the alarm on only the PDU.

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Provisioning and Troubleshooting:

Are the FXO cards polarity sensitive (reversed tip and ring)?
Yes. The FXO cards will not function properly if the tip and ring are reversed.

My loop start circuits work but my groundstart circuits do not. What is wrong?
The ground start circuits require connection to the central office ground in order to obtain a ground reference. In non-central office installations, earth ground must be connected (third power wire or cold water pipe) to signal ground per installation instructions.

  • For PD4/2A: Frame ground and circuit ground terminals must be referenced to earth ground.
  • For BB-24: Connect TB1 terminals 2 & 3 and connect terminal 3 to earth ground.

How can I easily configure a voice tandem circuit?
Pulsecom's TANDEM card provides an easy-to-use 4-wire interface. Other cards require a 6-wire interface.

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Are the PCAU modules compatible with HD-Radio?
No, HD-Radio requires 20KHz analog and digital signal transmissions which the PCAU does not support.  The new HD-PCAU does support these signals as well as the RBDS needed to provide the text information shown on HD-Radio displays.  The HD-PCAU is end-to-end compatible with the PCAU for standard program channel audio.  See more

I'm having caller ID problems.  Do I need special D4 or Series 5 channel units?
No, simply upgrade to Pulsecom units.

 Are your P-Phone cards compatible with those of other manufacturers?
No. Pulsecom patented cards have very specific handshaking and can only operate with other Pulsecom cards. In tandem configurations, Pulsecom cards may be connected via DS0 leads to another manufacturer's card, provided that their system is compatible with the service being provided.

Are AT&T SMAS MC and MCC cards compatible with Pulsecom SMAS shelves?
Yes. Type 4 cards are compatible with Pulsecom SMAS shelves.

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Can I remotely power the DS3-EXPRESS or G2 modules?
Yes, you can use SP-CO and SP-RT which will provide span powering over one to four twisted pairs.  See more.

My E & M circuits fail to work. I have chattering relays on one end. What might be wrong?
Make sure that the M lead is connected and that it is at ground in idle and at battery when seized.

What is a "composite clock"?
A composite clock is comprised of a 64 kHz clock summed with an 8 kHz clock. The clock provides system timing that is essential for dataport operation through the network.

What is the maximum DC current draw for a Pulsecom D4 channel bank?
2 Amps nominal, 4 Amps in a fully loaded channel bank.

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What equipment is needed to connect to my ISDN line?
An NT1 and associated Terminal Equipment are needed to interface a Basic Rate ISDN line to non-ISDN data terminal equipment. Some routers, video codecs, and PC based data systems have internal ISDN Terminal Equipment. Only an external NT1 is required in this case. ISDN phones can be bought with a NT1 built in.

I cannot maintain synchronization to my NT1 device. What can cause this problem?
Intermittent synchronization is an indication of loss of network synchronization. Verify network timing is connected and functions end-to -end. Use of Pulsecom's OIU-2BA simplifies this task.

I have an ISDN circuit from my CO to a RT. The LUNT card (CO end) does not function with the LULT card (RT). What could be wrong?

  1. ZBS option must be set the same at each end.
  2. Mode switches incorrectly optioned. Verify bank type, mode, etc as applicable.
  3. Cards inserted in dissimilar physical slots.
  4.  Cards optioned for two or more time slots may not have a card of any type placed in the next higher adjacent slot.

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